Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Scrappy Penguin Template

Tonight my son and I were cuddling at bed time when he said to me this has been a crazy year.  
He is right... it has been.
The year started like any other and then very quickly took a turn for the worst when we both came down with the flu.  I was in the hospital for a week and then I was then diagnosed with 
Breast Cancer.
This pretty much consumed the rest of our year.

Then we went over all the really great things about the year.
 Braves games, a trip to New York and a Yankee game, the beach, birthday parties, lots of movies, day camp with scouts, World of Coke, his first over night camp and the first time he prayed out loud... giving thanks for the strength to make it at away camp and so much more. 

The year is coming to it's end and I am cancer free and starting my long term treatment.
A new year of school and scouts has started.
We are looking forward to a new year of not so crazy and lots more fun.

For you I am getting back to my creating and hope to expand my talents.
I have created a new Sketch/Template in PSD format.

You can find this new Template at my Scrappy Facebook page.

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