Saturday, May 26, 2012

Me and Grandma

Over at GingerScraps the May mini kit challenge is a beautiful kit
A Mother's Day by Kathy Winters Designs.

I thought it a wonderful way to show of this picture I took of Bella and I this past week. 

Bella just had her 2 month check up and she has gone from 6lbs 3oz to 11lbs 5.5oz.  The doctor said she caught up fast.  He was concerned about me over feeding her.  She does eat well, lol.
Thanks for stopping by to look.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Papi's Princess

Yesterday was one of many bad days I've had but I slipped away into my safe place
 and created this beautiful page of Bella and Papi. 
 I used the Crock Pot challenge for May 2012 over at Gotta Pixel hosted by an Angel.
The challenge requirements
3 strips of paper
4 brads or buttons
5 flowers
2 photos
1 tag
1 alpha
and an artistic smear or scatter
This is what I came up with using products from Laurie Scraps, Armina Designs (both at Gotta Pixel)
 and free alpha's from Connie Prince's blog -

Thanks for stopping by to look.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things To DO!

Say something SILLY.
LAUGH til it hurts.
Take a RISK.
HUG a tree.
Tell a SECRET.
SING out loud.
ROCK the boat.
Play in the RAIN.
SHAKE things up.
Order dessert FIRST.
COLOR outside the lines.
Cause a SCENE.
GET carried away.
Tell someone you LOVE them.
SMILE... it makes people wonder.
Have a GREAT day!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Braves Win!

Today my son's team played an incredible game.  They all hit well and they were awesome in the field, stopping the ball, tagging for outs and overall working together as a team better than ever before.  Tristan made the first out at first-base like he'd been playing that position for years.  I captured the best picture and using a template by Isabel Mendez for the Twisted Pixel challenge @ Gotta Pixel I created this page to tell the story.

Here is the template I used.  It would also make a great sketch for any traditional scrapper.

Thanks for taking time to check out my blog.  Please leave a comment if you like what you see.

Friday, May 18, 2012

104 days of Summer Vacation

It's 104 days of summer vacation - What are we gonna do today?
I was looking at some of my favorite designers blogs and Connie Prince had this beautiful QP by Deanna.
 Using both BRIGHT SIDE and Connie's newINSTA-TEMPS
You can find it here at
So with that I decided to complete a page of my granddaughter and here it is.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cluster Your Heart Out

Today while the baby napped and I felt a bit up to it I completed this page.  This Cluster Your Heart Challenge by Mye De Long is @ Gotta Pixel.  Here is the templet by Mye we had to work with.  It would also be a great "sketch" to follow for a traditional scrapper.  If you try it post a comment and link.

Using Digital products from Mye De Long, Word Art World, SRomeo and JennCk....                                This is what I came up with.  These pictures are from 2006 and I am just getting to them, lol. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Made with Love

Happy belated Mother's Day!  It was interesting at my house.... I spent the day in bed, sick.  It was awful but my husband was up to the challenge of taking care of me, our son and granddaughter.  Today he is sick.

On a scrappy note I completed this page for a Photo Mask Challenge hosted by Indigo Designs @ Gotta Pixel. 

 I used items from the "Made with Love" Collaboration by Connie Prince, TerryF, Laitha Designs, A+Designs and Bella Gypsy.

Friday, May 11, 2012

 My son Eats, Sleeps and Lives for Baseball.  Last night he hit a 3 run walk off to win the game 15 to 14.
Earlier in the day I completed this page using products from Connie Prince - Batter Batter Swing,
Bella Gypsy - Love you More and Kathryn Estry - Peanuts and Crackerjacks.  All of these items can be found at Gotta Pixel's Digital Scrapbook Store.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scrap Addict

Today while I was trying to figure out this blog thing I also got a little scrappin' in.  I created this page from a sketch created for NSD and using Digital products from Aprilisa, Crisdam Designs and Mye De Long  @ Gotta Pixel.

Here is the sketch and the layout.

Welcome to The Scrappy Penguin!  Today I got my first Blogging lesson... Yes I am a blog dummy in every way, lol.  I am pretty talented in many ways on the computer but this is like Greek to me.
I hope to make this a great blog soon, but for now just laugh with me not at me :)