Monday, June 11, 2012

Who R U?

I am so new at this blog thing.  It really is a lot of work, lol.  So I was thinking to myself, "who is looking?"  I know my BFF is checking in...Thanks Missy!  I think my mom pops in when she thinks about it - bloggin' is not her thing, Love ya, Mom.  I have a few other friends from my traditional days checking in on me - you all rock!

Who are the rest of you?  It would be nice to meet you and see where you are from.  
Are you up to the challenge of commenting?

Welcome to The Scrappy-Penguin
Thanks to Kmess and KEstry from  for the products used in this tag.


  1. Hello! And I love the little file! So stinkin cute!!

  2. Hi! I am Phyllis ~ I was born & raised in Kansas but my roots go deep in this red Georgia clay.

    Love ya too!!